The 3 Rs of Creative Living: Release, Reset, Rise

25th & 26th May, 1st June |  9 am  to 1 pm  |   Cost : R1000


Are you in transition? Do you feel blocked? Do you simply want to live more creatively every day? The “3 Rs of Creative Living” is a short course to explore the nature of (your) creativity, as we move through the process of RELEASE, RESET and RISE.

– Fun, experiential process in a supportive space (small group)
– A focus on creativity as a way of being
– Walk away with a creativity “toolkit” to apply to any aspect of your life

For more information, or to see if the course is right for you, feel free to contact Renata on 073 963 4663 (WhatsApp is fine too!) or

To book your spot, simply EFT a 50% deposit [see banking details below].

Here’s a sneak peek of the programme:

A foray into creative longings and forgotten (or broken) dreams. We turn creativity on its head as we explore common myths and personal restrictions (e.g. lack of time, money, self-belief). Includes freewheeling art session.

The beauty of rest and stillness, and why self-care matters. We also embark on a quest to find our true voice/medium. Includes playful yoga session (no experience required).

Overcoming resistance/procrastination, committing
to our creative practice and building momentum. Plus when to share the work and how to deal with critics. Includes Q&A with mystery guest creative.

Bank details:
Name: Renata L Harper
Bank: FNB
Account No.: 6200 746 1784
Branch No.: 250 655 (Blue Route)
Type: Cheque

Journey through the Elements

7 Tuesdays |  21st May –  2nd July  |  8.30 am  to 9.45am  |   Cost : R100 drop-in, R650 for course. Class cards apply

Feet First - From the Ground Up

08 June  |  10 am  to 1.00 pm  |   Cost : R390

Join Karyn Marais as she takes you on a journey into the masterpiece workings of the foot.

“The current state of our feet is a projection of how well we will
be able to move in the future”

Gain a better understanding of the fundamental workings of the feet, their influence on the rest of the body and how our environment and lifestyles have shaped their current state.

This is a practical fun workshop providing you with ways to unwind habitual patterns and build a healthy stable base from the ground up.

We will make use of movement techniques and the integration of muscle release balls, “foot bowls” for improved sensory awareness and the added benefits of concepts such as “earthing”

Space is limited to 12 people.

Investment R390

To book your spot:
WhatsApp 0730726241

Karyn Marais is a body alignment therapist, yoga teacher and barefoot enthusiast with a particular interest in helping others build healthy foundations.

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